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We Fly for You!

by lasanclas, 19th July 2013
Two helicopters in action

Two Hexacopters in action!

Dieter goes up in the air

Dieter explores the surroundings

Ulrike and Dieter piloting those helicopters

Ulrike and Dieter piloting both airships simultaneously

We believe that an exclusive presentation is essential for the successful marketing of high quality properties.

Es Pouet de Talamanca

Es Pouet de Talamanca – Aerial perspective

Villas and estates can thus be presented from a completely novel perspective.

Es Pout de Talamanca - Front View

Es Pouet de Talamanca – Frontal perspective

To this end we have had two hexacopters, usually used in the film industry, custom-built for us, which means that we can now professionally film and photograph from the air.


Highest concentration is required …


Skills are needed too!


It took six months of training, using every spare minute to learn how to control these demanding flying machines, but now we’re proud to be able to present our first hexacopter aerial photographs.