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Gestorias In Ibiza

by lasanclas, February 2, 2014


The term gestoría derives from gestor, which translates as processor, operator, manager. The company managed by a “gestor” is known as a Gestoría.

Due to Spain’s very complex bureaucratic system, almost impenetrable for foreigners, Gestorías help you to find your way in this administrative jungle.

In general, lawyers and tax and business consultants work together with a number of office workers.


For a fee, the Gestoría assists you from dealing with required formalities through to the completion of legally necessary administrative steps.

Fortunately customers of foreign origin often find multilingual staff, even in their own language (mostly English, French and German).

As follows some examples of matters often consulted:

– Registration and change of residence of persons, supply contracts, home and vehicles
– Procurement of the N.I.E.
– Advice on hire, purchase and employment contracts and their drawing-up.
– Accompaniment to the notary’s office eg. with regards to real estate purchase / sale , inscription of inheritance matters, appointment of proxies etc.
– Tax return and all questions related to tax matters
– Creation or acquisition of companies
– Translation work
– Etc.


One or more Gestorías, mostly well located, can be found in every municipality of Ibiza.

Ask in banks, notaries or other well-informed places.

As with the selection of a trustworthy real estate agency, you can apply the principle that a good reputation gets around.

This post is also available in Deutsch and Español.

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